Earth Spirituality

"In these opening years of the twenty-first century, as the human community experiences a rather difficult situation in its relation with the natural world, we might reflect that a fourfold wisdom is available to guide us into the future: the wisdom of indigenous peoples, the wisdom of women, the wisdom of classical traditions, and the wisdom of science. We need to consider these wisdom traditions in terms of their distinctive functioning, in the historical periods of their florescence, and in their common support for the emerging age when humans will be a mutually enhancing presence on the Earth". - Thomas Berry, "The Great Work"


Indigenous Earth Wisdom

Indigenous earth wisdom taps into the spirituality of indigenous peoples and their contirbutions to the nurtuing of Mother Earth. Sharing sessions with indigenous knowledge holders offer an opportunity to understand their perspectives on the sacredness of the earth, through respect for nature and ancestral spirits.


Earth Recollection

Earth recollection offers learning activities designed to reaqcuaint us with the Earth and its bounty. This one-day activity starts with the Cosmic Journey, and ends with a meditative walk in the Labyrinth. It imparts basic lessons on ecology, fosters a reverence for nature, and inspires personal action and commitment.


Evolutionary Consciousness

Evolutionary consciousness is intended for those in religious life for a more comprehensive understanding of the spiritual dynamics of the universe. By combining faith and the learnings from the New Cosmology, participants can more responsibly face the emerging human-caused environmental crisis.